Sunday, January 31, 2016

She's Here!


Adele Genevieve Hunt
Born January 28th 2016
at 11;55am
weighing 8lbs 11oz
and 20 inches long

She was born after 8 hours of labor, all unmedicated. :)

We are so in love with our new baby girl.  

We are home now and adjusting to life with two kids! 

For the record, my mom and Nannette were both right on for her birthday, guessing January 28th. Leland and Kris were both close for the length of labor, guessing 7 and 9 hours. 
Everyone was way off on the weights, no one thought she would be such a chunk haha, 
And I was right when I guessed that she would have a lot of hair, she has even more than Esther did, She was also covered in little black peach fuzz, called Lanugo. It is going away some now but it was all over her back, arms and ears. So she really had tons of hair. :)

I am really happy with how her birth went. I plan on writing up her birth story this week before I forget everything, so stay tuned for that!


  1. WOOHOO! So exciting! She is SOOOO cute! And way to go with that unmedicated, 8 hour labor. You go girl! Hope recovery is swift and the adjustment is smooth. xoxo


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