Wednesday, January 6, 2016

37 Weeks with #2

I'm officially full term now. Yay! Things have been going better with the pregnancy lately. It felt like weeks 32-36 were really hard. I think baby just had a huge growth spurt that made everything worse, heartburn, a very itchy belly, and being overall uncomfortable. I didn't know how I was going to make it if things kept going at that rate. Luckily things have slowed a little. My belly doesn't itch as much and it doesn't seem to be getting much bigger either, which is a relief haha.  Sleep is another issue but that's mostly Esther's fault. 

Baby is head down and in a good position for birth last time they checked. I'm happy about that, hopefully she won't be posterior like Esther was. She is still moving lots and according to my doctor "floating" with tons of room. It sure doesn't feel like she has tons of room! My old doctor said that about Esther too, so hopefully it doesn't mean that I'll go overdue again.  

Nesting has officially kicked in. This whole pregnancy I basically put everything baby related off until the end to give me something to do the last month, and now I definitely have a ton to do! I still need to pull out the infant car seat and wash it, set up the swing and bouncer, wash all the baby clothes and blankets and buy a few things like a diaper bag, breastfeeding supplies and probably more diapers too. Not to mention all the deep cleaning that nesting makes me feel like I need to do. I'm thinking next pregnancy I'll do all these preparations before I'm nine months pregnant and too tired to do anything haha. 

I am also getting psyched up for the birth by reading tons of birth books and birth stories. I've also started eating 6 dates a day. Apparently there was a study done that found that women who ate dates everyday for the last month of labor were more likely to go into labor on their own before their due date and have a faster labor. Here's to hoping! I figure dates are healthy anyways so it couldn't hurt. 

I am having lots and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, usually at least 2-3 an hour lasting a minute or so each. They aren't painful or regular at all though so I never get my hopes up that it's the real thing. I'm not having the same swelling like I did with Esther's pregnancy. My wedding rings still fit fine. I've gained about the same amount of weight though. I think last time since I was working and on my feet a lot more it caused the swelling. Anyways I'm glad for it. I definitely feel like I can hold out 3-4 more weeks to wait for this little one to come. Even though I'm super excited I know it will be a huge change, so I'm just cherishing this time that I have with Esther still being my baby. 

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