Wednesday, January 6, 2016

All Esther

Esther has been doing so many new things lately I figured I had better write it all down before she is sharing the spotlight of this blog with her little sister. She is officially in full blown toddlerhood now including the terrible twos which I think she decided to start a few months early. Right before Christmas she decided she hates sleeping in her crib. She would scream and scream whenever we put her in there. I was prepared to power through it though because I didn't want her to have a huge change right before the baby was born. But she climbed out one night, and we were worried about her getting hurt so we moved her to a "big girl bed" aka a mattress on the floor. The good news is she loves it, the bad news is the day after we made the switch she got a fever/cold/cough so her sleep has been pretty hit and miss. She usually either stays up until 10pm or wakes up at 5am. So I am really hoping that once she is better she will get back to normal sleeping and maybe even sleep through the night. 

She has really started talking a ton now. She can pretty much learn any new word, as long as she wants too, if we repeat it 2 or 3 times. She also said her first long sentence. It went down something like this:

***2am, trying to get her to lay down in our bed and go to sleep, Loki starts meowing from the bathroom***
Esther: Tat? (Cat?)
***Loki Meowing***
Esther: Tat? Ere are ooo? (Cat? where are you?)

It's probably just because I'm her mom but I thought it was the cutest thing ever haha. She usually only says two word sentences, and typically only when prompted. I was just so surprised to hear here say so many words at once. Now she says it all the time whenever she's looking for me, Leland, or her toys haha. 

She has also learned how to say "thank you" and "I love you" which sounds more like "Iluh ooo" but it melts my heart every time she says it back to me. 

Another funny thing she does is in the mornings when she wakes up. Lately she's been in our bed so when she starts stirring I pretend I'm asleep and hope she'll go back to sleep too. Once when I was pretending to sleep she just sat up, shoved her binky in my mouth and laid her fuzzy on my head, then scooted off the bed and left haha. Now whenever I sleep, real or fake, and she wants to wake up she gives me her binky and fuzzy and leaves lol. She is also not scared of the dark one bit and has no trouble wandering around the apartment and attempting to play with her toys at 3am. 

This picture perfectly depicts her little attitude. I think she was mad at me for taking pictures and not showing her after. She is pointing at the camera and yelling "MAMA!" like she does whenever she is frustrated, whether I have anything to do with it or not. 

And here she is back to being a sweetheart haha

She loves climbing and trying to balance on things so much, I think we'll have to sign her up for gymnastics soon. 

She still loves Loki most of the time. She finally has learned how to carry him correctly, so she often just picks him up and puts him in baskets or boxes. He likes this little game too. 

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