Monday, July 13, 2015

All About Baby #2

In case you haven't seen it on facebook, we are expecting baby #2! We are super excited! Esther and the new baby will be just a month shy of 2 years apart. Esther loves babies so much, I know she will make a great big sister!

Right around the time Esther turned one I started to feel some little promptings telling me that there was another baby waiting to come to our family. I was a little hesitant because Esther was still nursing a ton at that point and not sleeping through the night at all.I was also still working nights at BYU. I wasn't sure if I could handle being pregnant on top of those things. Leland was a little hesitant too, because of his job and insurance coverage it wasn't really the ideal time for a baby.But those little promptings kept coming and it didn't take long before we were both on board. Then a few weeks later Leland found out he got a new job, an actuary position that he had been trying to get ever since he graduated. It was a huge blessing! Now he would have different, better insurance and I wouldn't have to work anymore. It was the perfect timing and I know the Lord was really looking out for us. Only a few days later I got a positive pregnancy test. I don't share this story to brag, I know things don't work out so easily for everyone, but it was a huge testimony builder for me. I know that the Lord will give us help when we follow his commandments. 

Anyways I am 12 weeks along now. As soon as we moved we re-sleep trained Esther (for the 10th time I'm pretty sure), but she now sleeps for 11+ hours at night every night! It only took us 15 months to get there lol. Hopefully this baby will be a little easier in that department. As of yesterday Esther is also 100% weaned. Once the throwing up started I just couldn't handle breastfeeding her anymore. It was a hard because she loved it so much, but she switched over to bottles and whole milk relatively easily. 

This pregnancy has been similar to my pregnancy with Esther, but it's been a little easier. I have had some nausea/vomiting but I haven't had to take any medication like I did with Esther. I switch back and forth between thinking it's a boy or a girl all the time. We won't find out until 20 weeks, but we would be very happy with either though. We are just so excited to having a new little newborn around the house soon! 


  1. Wahoo! Super happy for you, and I love hearing the back story. Heavenly Father has a plan for us and helps us along the way. So awesome Courtney!

    1. Thanks! I love to read your comments :)

  2. Congratulations on all counts! Thank you for sharing your testimony!! What a cute family :)


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