Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Day in the Life (#3)

These posts are probably pretty boring for most people, but since this blog serves as our family journal I think it is a fun way to document our lives. I try to do one every six months or so. Our apartment is pretty messy, a lot of the pictures aren't very good, and I kind of forgot to keep taking pictures towards the end of the day. But I'm glad I did it so here you go.

Tuesday, July 21st
*Esther is 16 months old and I am 13 weeks pregnant.*

7:15am Esther woke up crying. I gave her a bottle in our bed and she fell asleep in our bed. Not pictured, me sleeping on 6 inches of the edge of the bed and every single limb falling asleep. It was worth it to sleep in though.

9:30am Esther wakes up and goes wild. 

9:35am Change Esther's diaper and get her dressed for the day. 

Then breakfast for me.

9:45am Breakfast for Esther, and baby of course. 

10:00am We watched signing time (because #morning sickness), played with toys, and read books until nap time. 

11:15am Esther has a bottle before being laid down for nap. (P.s she never really got the concept of holding her own bottle, it's equal parts cute and annoying haha). 

Then I get in the shower and at 12pm Leland comes home for lunch. We eat our lunch while watching the rest of the maze runner that we started the night before. 

12:45pm Esther wakes up just before Leland has to head back to work. She wakes up adorable as always. 

1:00pm Esther's lunch: a vegetable puree, mandarin oranges and a tortilla. 

1:30pm After lunch we get ready for the day (finally haha). 

Then we go on a walk to dollar store to get toys for our trip this weekend. 

After our walk I start some laundry while Esther plays, then we read stories until naptime at 2:45ish. 

After I put Esther in her crib I start cleaning the kitchen. By 3:15 she isn't asleep so I go check on her. Sure enough she has a dirty diaper, so I change it and put her back in. This time she goes to sleep. 

I finish the kitchen and make dinner. Spinach Lasagna. 

After I finish making the lasagna I put it in the fridge for later, then I get on my phone for a little while. At 4:30 Esther wakes up and is very cranky, I rock her in the chair and she quickly falls asleep on me. I love it when she does that. 

By 4:45 she is fully awake but still unhappy. We finish our episode of signing time to cheer her up. Then we head outside for "water painting" to kill time until Leland gets home. 

She loved it out there and we stayed until 5:45 when Leland got home. 

At 6:00 we ate dinner. Esther had to feed her baby like always haha. 

Then this is where I forgot to take pictures.

6:45pm we headed out to go look around at the DI. We didn't find what we were looking for but I found some cute clothes for the fall/winter for Esther and an Ergo Infant Insert for only $3! Normally around $30 so I was super happy. I am excited to use it with our new baby this winter.

When we got home at 8 we skyped with my family. Esther was up past her bedtime but we had fun seeing them.

8:30pm We tag team Esther's bedtime routine. 

By 8:45 she was asleep. Then I had to go hit up the grocery store for some of my cravings lol. After that we enjoyed our treats while watching bachelorette together, cleaned up a little and finally we went to bed around 11. 


  1. A few things:
    I love these posts.
    Signing time is great (we watch the same video on YouTube everytime we watch it)
    Have the same Medela bottles
    You are awesome.

    1. Thanks Calee! Yeah we just discovered signing time, they have tons episodes on DVD at our library.


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