Sunday, April 5, 2015

Picture Overload

 I am trying to catch up on the blog, I haven't been posting much because I got a new phone, which means I am taking more pictures with that instead of my normal camera. So here are the pictures of what we've been doing for the past couple weeks.

I love her sleeping

So proud of herself for climbing up here!

Last Sunday she wore her Easter dress to church, she was not happy that I was trying to make her hold still. 

She's been taking lots of car naps as we've been driving around to see family. 

This girl loves being outside

I love how she points all the time now, and that this picture perfectly captures her little toddle. 

Selfies with Mama

I had to capture her falling asleep in church, it may just have been the last time it ever happens!

Getting ice cream after the temple

Esther and Dada

Temple Date

My new hair
Finger painting! (Don't worry it's just yogurt)

Spring Blooms

We saw the hospital helicopter land while on our walk, Esther was very scared haha

Dying Easter Eggs!

She looks just like Leland in this picture

Little curly-haired cutie right before bed. 

Esther and her BFF Ezra

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