Friday, April 10, 2015

Esther @ 13 Months

I wasn't planning on doing more monthly updates for Esther after she turned one, but she's just been doing so much cute stuff lately I have to write it all down so I can remember. The only way I can cope with her growing up so fast is to record everything so I can have it forever :)

Esther is a true little toddler now. She is learning so many things so quickly. She can say 4 words: Mama, Dada, kitty and duck-duck. I have heard her say each of these words multiple times, but she is a such a stubborn little girl, she only says them when she feels like it. Same goes for waving and doing any of her signs. 

She is so into imitating lately, it is adorable. She uses her comb or brush to try and brush her hair, she tries to brush her teeth and eat with a spoon. And she likes to carry around "purses" or try to carry the diaper bag on her shoulder. She can also throw her diapers in the garbage, just like she's seen us do many times. She isn't into the "do everything myself" phase yet and I'm grateful for that, she just likes to copy whatever we do. 

She still takes two naps a day, usually and has been much better with her sleep. She sleeps 12+ hours a night, and goes without waking up about half the time. She really loves to sleep in and she will sleep in til 9 and sometimes 10 if she's had a rough night. It's great for me! Until I  pay for it later when she refuses to nap.

She is pretty good at walking now, and it is still so surprising to me to have this tiny person walking around our house. She loves to walk and explore new places. Anytime we are out she wiggles to get down and walk around. She has no fear of strangers and will usually go up to people and cling on their legs haha. Having a little toddler is so fun :)

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