Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter 2015

This Easter lined up with General Conference. On Easter morning we set up a little mini Easter egg hunt for Esther in our living room. She loved it! I only got videos of it, not pictures :/ But Esther really got the hang of egg hunting. We also gave her chalk and peeps in her Easter basket. I figured we would keep things simple while she is still easily pleased :). She was not a fan of the peeps but she does like playing with (and eating) the chalk. She also tried chocolate for the first time and she is a huge fan.

Later in the day we drove up to Leland's sister's house and watched conference with them. It was fun, Esther loves playing with her cousins and she had a great time hunting for eggs. It was so cute to see her walking around filling up her little bucket. Once she figured out there was candy inside she kept trying to open the eggs and eat the candy, wrapper and all. 

We had a great Easter/Conference. I am so grateful for my family and the gospel in my life. I look forward to creating more traditions with Esther and our other kids as they get older. Holidays are so much funner when you have kids!

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