Friday, January 2, 2015

Two Years

On December 28th we celebrated our two year anniversary. Since our anniversary is a few days after Christmas we don't really do much gift wise. On Monday we went to my parent's house in Southern Utah and they babysat for us while we went on a date. We went go-cart racing and out to eat to Buca de Beppo. One "gift" I gave Leland was this slide show I put together of pictures of us since we met. It was so funny to look back on all of these. It feels like we've been married for so much longer than 2 years. I feel like I've been with Leland forever. I won't gush too much, but I'll let the video tell the story. My goal when making it was to make Leland cry, and it easily accomplished that! The song is one of Leland's favorites, so I knew it would get to him :).

2 Years from Courtney Hunt on Vimeo.


  1. Aw this is so sweet, I just about cried myself- you three make a beautiful family! So fun that we're both married and have a kid! Happy 2 years to you and Leland!


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