Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 in Review

2014 was a great year for us! It will probably always be remembered as "Esther's year" because she was pretty much the center of attention for all of it. I swear time goes twice as fast once you have a baby. This past year has flown by!

In January my sweet friend Calee took maternity pictures for us. I was 34ish weeks pregnant.

February was the month we expected Esther to be born. Most of it was spent counting down the days until she came. I really didn't take any pictures haha, but here is the one of me at 41 weeks right before leaving to be induced.

In March Esther was finally born! 

In April we spent a lot of time outside enjoying the sunshine with our newborn. 

In May was Esther's blessing day and also my first Mother's Day

In June we celebrated my birthday at the zoo, moved to a new apartment, and also was Leland's first Father's day. I also didn't post at all... oops. 

In July we went on a trip to Bear Lake with my family. 

In August we spent a lot of time with family, we went to the Ogden Temple open house and had a family reunion. We also celebrated Leland's birthday. 

In September Uncle Bennett came home from his mission for 6 weeks for surgery. Esther had her half birthday and was a sitting pro.

October was a busy month. Esther learned to crawl, we went to the pumpkin patch, and Esther had her first Halloween. 

In November we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family, and Esther started pulling up all over the place.

In December Esther met Santa, we celebrated Christmas with Leland's family, and we celebrated our second anniversary, and we finished off the year at my parents house for new years. 

2014 was such a good year for us! I am excited for 2015 and whatever it brings. 

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