Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cabin Fever

Winter with a baby is rough. This weekend Esther had the flu, which she then gave to me. Luckily it wasn't too bad and only lasted a few days for Esther and one day for me. But after being stuck in the house all weekend I was really going crazy. I love going outside and it always makes me feel so much better to get out of the house and exercise a little. So today we went on a walk, even though it was only 32 degrees out! 

I wanted to make sure she was very warm! Esther loves going outside. As soon as we step out the door she starts smiling and clapping her hands, it's the cutest thing ever. Every time I went around to check on her she had this little grin on her face. 

When we passed by the playground at the park she started grunting to get out haha. I think she remember playing there a few weeks ago when it was warmer. 

We both love to watch the river.

Being outside was so good today. For some reason everything looked so pretty, probably just because I haven't been outside in forever. 

In other news Esther has recently decided that one nap a day is sufficient for her. I think it is way too early for this, so most days it is a battle of the wills, which also contributes to our cabin fever. Today she won, but luckily she stayed happy after our walk. Here she is being silly at lunch time, and the first picture I've gotten that show's her cute little teeth ;). Also one of her top teeth is coming in so maybe that is the cause of the nap time strikes. 10 months is a little early to drop to one nap right?

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  1. SO cute! Hey in regards to the church question! You just call and ask if the building is free that day! and they can put you down!


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