Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's a Hard-Knock Life

Life has been pretty busy lately. Between my family staying with us for a week, visiting with Leland's family, and school starting, not much exciting has been going on. I've been a little stressed with all the appointments, classes and schedule juggling we've had to do. Also our car recently broke down, and the repairs would cost more than the car was worth, so we sold it for parts and now we are down to one car (truck). It's not the ideal situation, especially since it is hard for Esther's carseat to fit in it, but we have been making it work. As a result me and Esther have been putting many many miles on her stroller, since Leland needs the truck to get to work . 

But even though I've been really stressed about school and finding a babysitter for Esther, I've been trying to find reasons to be happy and grateful. I was so thankful that our neighbor volunteered to watch Esther at the last minute so I could make it to class. 

We made it through church so we needed a selfie. 
Esther has also been sick lately. She had a really high fever after her vaccinations, which was so sad. She also might have had something else going on, but luckily she is feeling better now. Being sick made her go on some type of a nursing strike. She would cry and cry anytime I tried to feed her, even though I knew she was hungry. She would only nurse if she was really tired/asleep. It was so frustrating, and I felt like quitting breastfeeding altogether. But she has never taken a bottle very well so that wasn't really an option either. But we pushed through it and so far today she has been doing better. She is still her distracted little self whenever I try to feed her, always wiggling, pinching, grabbing, and squirming away, but what can you do? (Seriously I need ideas haha).

She really is a good little baby, even at her sickest she will still smile and laugh. And Leland has been really helpful, getting up with her a lot in the nights/mornings. And how can I not be happy when I wake up to this sweet smile every morning? 


  1. She is too cute, and you're a great Mom. Try not to stress over stuff, you'll look back later and see it was all not very important anyway. I still struggle to do that, not so easy since we are looking at the present and not the past. And you know Jessi and I would love to babysit any Friday night or weekend that you want us.

  2. Thanks, we will need to take you up on that some time :)


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