Wednesday, March 4, 2015

One Year Old

Today was Esther's birthday! We kept it pretty low-key since we will be having a party for her on Saturday. When she woke up in the morning we sang happy birthday to her, then let her into the living room, which we had filled with balloons. She liked playing with them, but wasn't as excited as I thought she'd be haha. Maybe next year. We got a video of her reaction (or lack thereof) but not a picture. After her photo shoot, breakfast and a nap, we took her to Toys R Us to pic out a present. 

She was so adorable there. She loved looking at all the toys and "playing" with them for a few minutes before moving on to the next thing. We ended up getting her this which she loves and should keep her entertained for a while. For lunch we had her favorite things, chicken sandwiches and mangoes. She ate 90% mangoes. 

After another nap we decided to go to the mall for dinner and to let her go on the carousel. But first a few pictures outside. 

Where did my baby go?

Blurry pictures in the elevator. 

Esther loved her dinner at Panda Express. 

She was not a huge fan of the carousel. Just like last time haha. Her little hands were white from gripping the pole so tightly, but at least she didn't cry. 

She will have her real cake at her party but we wanted to do something for her real birthday so we gave her a little cupcake which she throughly enjoyed. 

I am so glad to be the Mama to this amazing little girl. We love you so much Esther, Happy Birthday!


  1. Sorry, I couldn't make it to her party. She is such a cutie...not too long ago she was the little Leland baby :)

    1. Haha yeah. It's ok I'm sure we'll see you soon :)


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