Thursday, March 12, 2015

Esther's Birthday Party

Alternately titled: The post with a thousand pictures.

For Esther's party we decided to just have a family party, since she doesn't have many friends yet. We were originally going to have it in the yard next to our apartment complex, but we thought it was going to be too cold, so we decided to have it at our church instead. It worked out better this way since there were chairs and tables for everyone. Plus there was plenty of room for everyone to run around. 

Esther's smash cake (which never got smashed). 

The birthday girl

Esther and her Aunt Kel

Esther with Grandma and Grandpa

She is not a fan of kisses lol

Esther with Aunt Kylee

She loved all the presents she got!

Esther playing with her cousins

Esther and her cousin Evelyn are only four months apart. It is so cute to watch them together!

This was the extent of her "smashing" haha

Esther and Uncle Alex                

A horrible pic of me, but the only picture of the cake for everyone else. 
All of my family after church the next day. 

Esther's party turned out great! I was stressing a lot beforehand, but everything turned out fine. I'm glad it was a success. Thanks to everyone for coming!

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  1. Looks like it was a success! I love all the pictures!


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