Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hair Cuts, Highchairs and Cribs

Yesterday I gave Leland a haircut. To save money I always cut his hair. His hair is pretty hard to cut since it's all curly and wavy, but I try my best. He definitely needed it. And he did not appreciate the pics.



I think it turned out alright. 

In other news we recently traded our bassinet in for a high chair at kid to kid. Esther isn't eating solid food but she loves sitting in it and playing with her toys. We usually put her in there while we eat dinner and she loves being high enough to see us. 

I took off her clothes because she spit up all over them. Rolls for days....

We also recently got a crib for Esther to sleep in. In our old apartment there was no room for a crib, so she was in a bassinet next to our bed. Since we moved we've been transitioning her into a crib in her own room for naps. Last week we decided to sleep train her since I would be going back to work and her night waking was out of control. It was really rough at first, but luckily Leland took the brunt of it since he does bedtime while I'm at work. Now she can fall asleep on her own without being rocked. About half of the time she goes to sleep with no crying, and other times she fusses anywhere from 5-30 minutes. She still wakes up at night to nurse, but hopefully she will outgrow that real soon. She naps so much better now though. Sometimes she naps so long that I have to go and take pictures of her to wake her up. 

Any time she would soothe herself to sleep she would end up falling asleep with the blanket over her face. To solve that problem we have her sleep with this crocheted blanket my aunt made for her. The holes allow her to breath, but she always ends up with her fingers and toes wrapped in it. Silly girl. 

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