Saturday, July 19, 2014

Four Months Old

Esther turned four months old on the 4th of July. She had her four month checkup on the 11th. 
4 Month Stats:
-16 lbs 3 oz (84th %)
-27 inches (99th %)
-16.5 inch head (82nd %)

She is such a big girl for her age. She is wearing 6 month clothes and already outgrowing all of those, so I just pulled out all the 9 month ones. She can now roll over like a champ and does it all the time. She also laughs so much, it's the cutest sound ever. She has pretty much lost all of her brown hair she was born with, except right at the back above her neck. Now she has white blonde hair growing in. I was pretty sad when her hair was gone, but she is still so adorable. It looks like her new hair will be long in no time. Her eyes have changed from the dark newborn blue color to a slightly lighter color blue, so it looks like her eyes will be the same color as mine. Everyone claims she looks like me, but I see some of Leland in her too. 

At 4 months she likes:
-watching TV (we try not to let her though)
-being read to
-going outside

At 4 months she dislikes:
-being in the car
-being restrained at all 
-getting her nails cut

And for comparison:

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