Thursday, April 24, 2014

How We Cloth Diaper

We have been cloth diapering Esther since she was about 3 weeks old. It is going great, and is way easier than I thought it would be. Before Esther was born I knew I wanted to cloth diaper because of how much money it saves. Here is a breakdown of how much money you can save, though I think these estimates are on the high I side. I would guess we will spend $200-$300 dollars to cloth diaper Esther until she is potty trained. So that is more than 1,000 dollars that we will save with her, and $1200 or more that we will save with each baby that we have after her. 

We use prefold cloth diapers with covers. There are so many different types out there, but we (I) chose to go with these  for the following reasons:

  • They are one of the cheapest options.
  • You can diaper two babies at once using the same "stash".
  • They last longer.
They are slightly more complex than other options, but it's really not hard at all. Even Leland can do it!
Here is a step by step guide to what we do. 

First we lay out the pre-fold like so (and we use our bassinet to change diapers...cheapskates...)

Then we fold it using the angel wing fold (for more folds go here)

Next we add a stay dry liner. I just cut out strips of microfleece to make these liners. The liner is optional but I like to use it because it helps to keep baby's bum dry, and also allows you to use a regular diaper rash cream if you need to. (Otherwise you have to buy a special cloth diaper compatible cream.)

Then we lay her on it, fold it around her, and fasten it using a snappi

Finally we add a cover, and we are finished. 
And for the back view...

Here she is with pants. (Outfit courtesy of Leland)

We place the dirty diapers in this wet bag until wash day (usually every other day). To wash them I do a cold rinse with no detergent, then a hot wash using arm and hammer free, then another cold rinse. I dry the diapers and liners in the dryer on high, and hang dry the covers. It sounds complicated but it is so easy. 

I got my size 1 diapers and thirsties covers from Green Mountain Diapers.

So even though it sounds gross, cloth diapering is super easy! It's not for everyone, but it is so worth it for us, and who can deny it, it's so much cuter. 


  1. Ok but how much do you spend on laundry coinage? 3 cycles... that adds up quick for us poor folk

  2. Well we share a washer and dryer with the girls upstairs and it is free. Also we don't have to pay for water, so more free. I'm not sure how the other tenants feel about us putting poop in the washing machine, but what they don't know won't hurt them...


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