Monday, April 21, 2014

A day in the life

*I know this post will probably interest no one, but when I was pregnant and wondering about life with a newborn I found them to be super helpful.
** I did not write down exact times so the times are guesstimates.
***Every day is a little different so I choose saturday because it was a pretty typical day.
****These pictures are not from saturday, but whatever.

12:00am (aka midnight, yeah i'm starting at the very first of the day)-I feed Esther on one side, burp her, change her diaper, and feed her more on the same side (over milk supply is a real thing haha).

12:45am-I swaddle Esther, and lay her to sleep next to me in the bassinet and I go to sleep.

3:30am-I feed her on the other side, burp her, change her diaper (aka poopsplosion) and feed her more on the same side. She falls asleep so I lay her in the bassinet and go use the bathroom (I was really banking on being able to go more than 2 hours without peeing once I was not pregnant anymore., it hasn't happened yet. Also if you are wondering where Leland is during this he is sleeping soundly, don't worry he makes up for it later.)

4:15am- I lay down to go to sleep.

7:00am- Esther wakes up, I feed her, burp her, change her, feed her on the other side, and lo and behold she is not asleep. I swaddle her anyways and lay her on the boppy in our bed with us. (she sleeps way better this way, but I only do it in desperate times.)

8:00 am-I fall asleep.

8:30am-Esther is awake for good, so Leland gets up with her. I stay asleep. (I told you he would make up for it later.

While I sleep Leland gets her dressed, they do tummy time, and then Leland rocks her while he watches Lost.

10:00am-I wake up, usually around this time Esther is either still sleeping, or just waking to be fed.

10:05m-I eat 2 no bake cookies and 32 ounces of water for breakfast (breakfast of champions over here).

10:10am- I feed Esther for about 10 minutes on one side, burp her, and feed her 5 more minutes on the same side.

10:30am-Leland and I watch parenthood while holding/playing with Esther.

11:00am-Esther falls asleep, still watching parenthood.

12:00pm-Leland gets in the shower, Esther woke up so I feed her-you know the drill.

12:30pm-Leland is done showering. We make and eat sandwiches. I finally get dressed for the day.

1:00pm-Leland leaves for work. I load Esther in the stroller and take Esther for a walk to Smiths. They were having some Easter party/free stuff fest. Apparently it ended at 12, so we wander around the store and walk back home.

2:00pm-I feed Esther and she falls asleep. I swaddle her and put her in the bassinet. I put on my white noise app because I really want her to sleep more than 30 minutes.

3:00pm-I do a 30 minute jillian michaels video while Esther sleeps.

3:30pm-I get in the shower while she's still sleeping. I get out and hurry and eat a poptart and a yogurt.

4:00pm-I feed her and change her.
She really loves getting her diaper changed. 

4:45pm-We leave for walmart, she falls asleep in the car.

5:00pm- We have a ball grocery shopping at walmart, she sleeps the whole time.

6:00pm- I get home, carry in 1000 sacks with one item in them each (thanks bagging lady) and put them away.

6:30pm-I feed Esther again and change her into her pajamas.

7:00 pm-She is asleep so I put her in the bassinet. During this down time I read blogs, make and eat black bean soup, wash dishes, text Leland while he is on break, and clean up the apartment.

9:30pm-Esther wakes up so I feed and change her.

10:00pm-I do tummy time with Esther and read her books.

10:20pm-Leland gets home from work, we finish an episode of parenthood that we didin't finish eariler, and Leland rocks Esther to sleep.

11:30pm-I feed Esther again and we go to sleep.

So if anyone is still reading, that is what a typical day with a 6-week old is like for us. Although some of our other excursions include the library, walks walks and more walks, and visiting Leland on his break. Also there was probably a lot I left out, like the 20 snacks I have a day, and all the crying before Esther will fall asleep.

Here is a nice family selfie to reward you for reading such a long post. Esther clearly gets her photogenic genes from her parents. 

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