Sunday, October 14, 2012

So Lucky

I am the luckiest girl in the world. This past week Leland came to visit! I was so excited. We only got to spend 4 days together, but they were some of the greatest days ever! We registered for our wedding gifts, went to my parents house in Southern Utah, went to my little brother's high school football game, and my little sister's volleyball game, we took our engagement pictures, and we went to church together. It was such a great time.

I am so lucky to be marring Leland. He is seriously the sweetest, kindest, cutest, handsomest guy ever! The whole time we were together he is just looking for ways to make me happy. Like opening the car door for me every time we went somewhere, just cute little things like that. Every day I think I can't possibly love him anymore, but with each little thing he does, he keeps on melting my heart :)  We had a lot of big plans of things we were going to do, but there just wasn't enough time. A lot of time we just spent sitting on the couch, cuddling and making each other laugh. But I wouldn't trade those times for anything :) It was hard saying goodbye to him at the airport today, I won't see him for more than two months, but at least this was the last time we will ever have to say goodbye. I can't wait until December 28th, when I can make this wonderful man mine forever.

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