Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hikes and Extra Pictures

Last Saturday we went to Little Cottonwood Canyon to do three more hikes for Leland's work challenge. Little did we know it was the absolute worst weekend to go! They were having a wildflower festival so there were a million people and we barely found parking. Once we got parked we thought we were at the trail head so we started hiking, but after half a mile we noticed lots of shuttles passing us, and we discovered you had to take a shuttle to the trail. So we hiked back down, got in line and waited half an hour for a shuttle. Then we finally got to the trail head and started the hike. As I said it was packed with people and Adele was so fussy it was honestly the worst hike ever. I know people love this hike (Cecret Lake), so we will have to go back and try again on a better day. 

Can't you just see the joy in these pictures?

Leland had it in his mind that  he was going to do two more hikes that were close by. So I waited in the car with the girls sleeping while he did those ha. Good thing he is about 3x faster without me and the girls. 

Here are some other pictures I took this past week or so:

The girls love playing at the treehouse museum so we've been going there a lot while it is too hot to go to the park.

Esther reading books to Adele. 

Yesterday we set out to attempt to do two more hikes. It wasn't quite as disastrous this time. The first one we did was Stewart Falls, and we choose another bad weekend because there was a bike race in the canyon and we found out it would be closing two hours after we got there. So we were on a very tight time limit. Adele was fussy again but luckily she fell asleep in the carrier on Leland. Which means I was stuck carrying Esther on my back the whole way. She could have walked but she was pretty slow so she rode most of it. I did make her get off and walk a few times because I was dying ha. She is 40lbs and not a light load to hike with. 

You can see our other times hiking Stewart Falls here and here

We figured while we were down in Provo we had better do the other hike down there. So Leland and his brother Kent went and did Buffalo Peak. The girls and I opted to wait at the bottom of the trail near a little campground. It was nice and breezy and not as hot as these pictures make it seem. Plus the views were great. 

Now Leland has completed 15/20 hikes. We'll see if he can get the last five done before Labor Day. 

And here are a few pictures of our walk home from church today. 

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