Sunday, May 1, 2016

Three Months

This is a few days late, but Adele turned three months old on April 28th. As you can see, she has gotten huge! I love her little double chin and all her rolls. I know they won't stay around for long so I am loving her chubby days while they last. She hasn't been weighed since her two month check-up but I would guess she is 15+ pounds by now, probably more. 

Adele is still doing great with breastfeeding. We haven't had any problems which I am grateful for. She loves her milk a little too much though, she won't take a binky most of the time anymore and who knows if she would take  bottle if she needed too. Usually during the day she will eat every 3-4 hours. At night her reflux is worse and she has been waking up constantly, every hour or two writhing in pain. Usually she has to be burped before she will nurse a little for comfort. It's been rough and I've been debating taking her to the Dr to get some medicine for her reflux. She is mostly a happy baby and is obviously gaining enough weight, but her nights have me thinking that maybe we need to do more for her (and me!). We just started her on some colic calm probiotics so we're hoping that helps things. 

At 3 months Adele likes: baths, going outside, being worn in the carrier, watching Esther, being talked to, sucking on her hands, and soft blankets.

At 3 months she doesn't like: her carseat, being alone, or the binky. 

I am not a big fan of nicknames and I was hesitant to choose the name Adele for her because I didn't want anyone calling her Addy. So far no one has, but she does have a few other nicknames. Baby and Baby Dell by Esther, New Delhi and Chunky Monkey by Leland and I sometimes call her The Little One and Chubster :)

Here are a few more pictures I took the other day. I love seeing Adele and Esther start to interact. Adele is the smiliest baby and has started to laugh a little these past couple of weeks. Adele really does bring so much joy to our family :)

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